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so basically they won't give me subsidized loans cause my "efc" was too high. even though i have told them that my parents had to take out their IRA's to support our cost of living.

i don't doubt i'm middle class. i don't doubt there are students worse off than i am. but my parents have not had a sufficient income since 2005, if even that. even if the recession didn't happen we would still have suffered, though the recession just made it worse.

i want to sue the california education system.


I just finished my research paper for a class I still haven't got the books for yet haha. I love making my life hard... Whatever, I don't see the point if I'm just going to have to sell them back anyway for half the price.

My 21st is coming up soon. I wouldn't be so pumped if my friends didn't hype it so much.

I need to graduate. I plan on taking my GMAT and going somewhere fancy for my MBA so I can make lots of money.


I would love to go on this long tangent about why I love the SAW franchise, and I often do in real life, but I'm too tired right now. I just want to write this since I just saw it.

What I do want to point out is that the reason why I love this franchise is because there's a saying that goes something a long the lines of "don't really know a person until they know they are about to die" and I really believe that. Besides the fact that SAW movies give people the fantasy of being able to make all the morally bad people suffer, it also shows what people will or will not do to survive. And since I've never been in a position where I've had to contemplate how to save my life (thank god[?]) I use the characters in these movies to compare what I think I would do to survive.

Don't get me wrong, SAW is gory and the acting in these movies can be somewhat atrocious. Someone said these movies are "gorny" (gore+porn) but I feel like usually that term is saved for sexualized violence against women, which is definetly common in you're simple slasher flick. I believe these movies are more thriller with gore. Not so much a horror movie. Because you're not supposed to root for the people playing the game. Maybe in the first movie with the drug addict, but these movies have dealt with gentrification, racism, and domestic abuse. There's definitely a point (though maybe minute) to these movies.

I hope you didn't read all of this lol...

Although I do want to say the first trap kind of irked me. I'm not sure if it was sexist or if it's just me reaching.