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My Mom Wrote A Letter To FAFSA...

Dear FAFSA and to Whom This Concerns,

I am appealing to you to re-consider Kahlil’s financial aid.

It's my understanding that Kahlil was denied aid because those concerned feel that I liquidated retirement funds to send him to college. This is not true. The fact is the funds were liquidated so that my family could stay afloat.

In 2006 around November I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and soon after had a lumpectomy to remove the lump. As you probably know the normal course of action which is what I followed was too start Chemo after surgery. Surgery was no problem but all the things that happened after was one of the worst times of my life. Chemo made me so sick that I was never able to return to work. I was covered by disability which I applied for and was approved for one year. However during 5/2007 the financial markets froze up and I was laid off while on disability.

After my 6 months of Chemo I was so happy and started feeling better and my hair was growing back. I thought I would be able to start looking for work. However my doctor had discussed my case with their panel of oncologists and felt that I needed to do another 3 treatments that included adria miason. I consulted my husband and tried to do some research but it was all scary and of course my family wanted me to do whatever it took to protect my life. I started adria miason and had to be hospitalized twice. The reaction I had was so horrible, my skin was melting from my face, my hair fell out again (by the way it never grew back).

I have since recovered my skin is fine but I’m now treated for congestive heart failure.
Keep in mind that while out of work my husband and I had to pay for our medical plan without any assistance with it at all.

As I recovered through the multitude of doctors I looked for work and found nothing. The markets were still frozen. My back ground is production mortgage underwriting and there were no jobs.

My skills were now needed on the post closing side, however being out of work for 2 years hurt my chances of gaining employment quickly. I was not employed until 5/2010. (What a blessing)

The year I was without work or disability required that I liquidate funds for survival. I was so happy that Kahlil stayed home to go to CSUN so that he would not have to worry about housing, which was the best we could do.

All his life we have worked at preparing him to complete college. He will be the first to finish. We are so proud.

Please reconsider giving him financial assistance. He is worth every dime.

*tear* lol
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